Saturday, May 16, 2009

An Important Milestone in India's Growth Story

I am glad that the UPA government has defeated the NDA and acquired close to a majority simply because it will become easier for the ruling coalition to enact its policies without the hindrances from the Left.Dr Manmohan Singh who will continue as the Prime Minister after all is the architect of Indian reforms and is well respected by much of the business community. The UPA government in its last tenure has taken a number of steps to spread the wealth around and reduce poverty whose results should be seen during the government's current tenure.

We have also said a big "No" to the politics of religion and all parties big and small must learn from this for the future that the Indian population no longer appreciates regionalism and religion based politics. All debates in the future must be on core issues and not over building a temple or a masjid(mosque).

Though this is the right step for India for the long term much of the core issues of poverty, terrorism and lack of education remain. I hope that the government formed at the center after this election will help India grow faster by enacting out the right policies.

But I also know that the UPA itself is rampant with corruption and it will be the job of the UPA leaders to root out the corruption and make the government an efficient institution that truly works for the welfare of the people.

Let hope prevail!