Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Letter to Raj

Dear Raj

You know this as well as I do, Mumbai is a city of immigrants and for so many generations Indians have migrated to this city of dreams to find prosperity and a better livelihood. Mumbai is what it is today, only because of these immigrants who come from around the country and give it their best. These migrants come to Mumbai and fall in love with the city and decide to make it their home. Mumbai offers them everything that they don't find elsewhere in the country.

Mumbai is the most cosmopolitan city in India wherein people live in harmony with a focus on business and entrepreneurship. Gujarati's,Bihari's,Maharashtrians, Muslims and Christians live in harmony and are free to follow any religion. They all consider Mumbai to be their home.

We want Mumbai to be the financial capital of Asia. We want Mumbai to be the most prosperous and respected city in the world . We leave our homes to find our dreams here. We hope to improve our quality of life whether it is a taxi driver, a bus conductor or an autorickshaw driver. The jewellery market is dominated by Gujratis , the steel market is dominated by Marwadis while the food industry is dominated by Punjabis. Does it really matter if someone speaks Marathi or not in this city? We all manage to converse in Hindi or English, learn and respect each other's language.

How would you define Maharashtrians? Are they people who are born and live in Mumbai? Are they people who have immigrated and have adapted to Mumbai? Are they people who pay taxes in Maharashtra? Does the ethnicity, race or language change anything?

Arent we all Maharashtrians?

This is a humble request from a person who loves Mumbai just like everyone else from Mumbai. Please do not divide us. Please do not plant the seeds of divide between North Indians and Maharashrtians. These divisions have forever been an impediment to our progress . Lets talk about Unity for a change. Lets talk about a better livelihood for people. Lets focus on infrastructure issues that have plagued our city now for more than a decade.

Let us make MNS a party of change, a party that unifies all Mumbaites, a party that works for the betterment of all, a party that does not play vote bank politics. I sincerely believe that any political party that works sincerely with this goal in mind will be loved by all and will have the support of all Mumbaikars. Let us all unite and make a new beginning !

Jai Hind! Amchi Mumbai


A Man from India

This letter is written in response to recent events in Mumbai