Thursday, December 27, 2007

Indian Microfinance companies on Forbes List

The following companies featured in the top 50 list of microfinance companies. Here is a brief description and statistics of these companies that provide a perspective on the work they have been doing in India.

Bandhan(2nd):In its first ever list of World's Top 50 Microfinance Institutions, the US business magazine has named Bangalore-based Bandhan at the second position.Bandhan is working towards the twin objective of poverty alleviation and women empowerment. It
strive's to create a society with social justice and equal opportunity for people to realize their potential.

Bandhan 's Reach

No. of states :6

No. of branches:416

No. of members:799,885
No. of staff:2,295

Cumulative loan disbursed:Rs. 641 crores
Loan outstanding:Rs. 238 crores

Microcredit Foundation of India(13th) : Microcredit Foundation of India (MFI) is a not-for-profit Section 25 Company in Tamil Nadu dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and community level action in rural areas as a means to sustainable economic prosperity. Today MFI works primarily with women. Through its field staff, MFI helps them form Self Help Groups (SHGs), trains them in good financial practice, facilitates access to microcredit loans, equips them with business skills and facilitates access to new markets for their products.

Microcredit Foundation of India's reach
SHG member base 500,000

Villages covered 6,500
No. of districts 24

No. of offices 250
Loans disbursed Rs.500 crores (US$ 120 Million)

Saadhana Microfin Society (15th):SAADHANA is a non- profit organization established in the year 2001 to reach out to the urban and rural poor women with the specific mandate to catalyze the ‘Endeavor of the Poor for Self-Sufficiency’.The Mission of SAADHANA is to Provide Continuous Qualitative Financial Services to the poor women in urban and rural Areas of Andhra Pradesh by establishing a Self Sustainable Financial Institution with an objective of improving the Income Levels of the Clientele to attain Sustainable livelihoods and better quality of life.

Saadhana Microfin Society's Reach(* As of Sep 05)
Number of Centers 759

Number of Units 8
Number of Members 20420

Number of Groups 1896
Number of Active Clients 18230

Number of Active Loans 18230

Total Number of Loans 32381

Value of loans (Rs) Rs 201,610,000

Gross Loan Outstanding Rs78,727,891

Grameen Koota (19th): Grameen Koota was visualized in 1997 based on the book ‘Give us credit’, by Alex Counts, which gives an account of the impact of micro credit on the lives of the poor in Bangladesh and the United States.The vision of Grameen Koota is to impact poverty by bringing all mainstream financial and capacity building services to poor households in a sustainable manner.

Grameen Koota's Reach
Members 121359
Loan Outstanding INR 541,657611

Branches 44
Total Staff 409
Repayment Rate 99%

Sharada's Women's Association for Weaker Section (23rd):Sharada is committed to build a society that is equal and just where women have the opportunity to lead and infuse society with their values of non-violence and peace. We are committed to the empowerment of women in the fullest sense of the word and will strive to promote sustainable communities through the strengthening of people’s organization.

Sharada's reach( FY2006 -
Number of Personnel 303
Number of Active Borrowers 81,818

Average Loan Balance per Borrower (USD) 107
Loans Below US$300 100%
Women Borrowers 100%

SKS Microfinance Private Ltd (44th):Launched in 1998, SKS Microfinance is one of the fastest growing microfinance organizations in the world, having provided over $400 million (Rs 1600 crores) and has maintained loans outstanding of $170 million (660 crores) in loans to over 1,300,000 women members in poor regions of India. Borrowers take loans for a range of income-generating activities, including livestock, agriculture, trade (such as vegetable vending), production (from basket weaving to pottery) and new age businesses (Beauty Parlor to photography)

SKS Microfinance 's Reach
Clients :1,313,740
Branches :601
Amount Outstanding :INR 6,590,041,681

Asmitha Microfin Ltd (29th)

Asmitha Microfin's reach (03/31/2007)
Number of Personnel 1,105
Number of Active Borrowers 416,829

Average Loan Balance per borrower 109
Loan below US$300 100%

Woman Borrowers 100%