Thursday, December 27, 2007

India Investments - Best Online Portfolio Trackers

In my previous post I spoke about the free investor services provided by CAMS for the benefit of mutual fund investors. With the equity boom in India, a number of portfolio managers or portfolio trackers have emerged on the internet. These online portfolio trackers enable an investor to keep track of various investments in stocks,mutual funds and bullion.

Equity Master Portfolio Tracker - This is one of the best portfolio trackers that I have come across to track financial investments(Stocks and Mutual Funds) in India.Besides all the standard features it allows you to create multiple portfolios with residential status's for tax calculations. This feature is unique to this tracker and is useful in tax planning. It also offers 10 reports to analyze portfolio composition and performance. The one caveat is that this tracker is not free and a 1 year suscription costs Rs 330. Resident Indians and Non Resident Indians can pay for their susbcriptions online using Credit Cards or Internet Banking (list of accepted Credit Cards and Banks. - The portfolio tracker offered by money control is free and is loaded with features. An investor can track investments in stocks,mutual funds, ULIPs, Bullion , Fixed Income and Property. If accurately used it is a very handy tool to track the short term and long term gains which are beneficial in tax planning.

"The Portfolio Manager comes along with some useful tools to gain useful insight of volatile markets. These tools help you to track the trends of your current investments as well as some stocks that have caught your eye.

These include :Transaction History ,Watch list ,News ,Messages ,Asset Spread ,Asset Risk ,Industry Classification,Quarterly Data,Best Worst Investments ,Financial Data ,Consolidated Stocks,Consolidated MF's"

There are a number of other good options including Sify's wallet watch, and Rediff Portfolio Tracker. But I prefer the portfolio managers listed above for their features and report generation capabilities. Check them out!

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From online portfolio performance trackers, I think is a good option. Allows to monitor my portfolio in many assets and gives be stuff like benchmarking, even performance attribution. Even also allows to evaluate foreign stocks and how they affect my performance.