Monday, November 19, 2007

Use Pixels to Reach NRI's

In my previous post about Marketing to Non Resident Indians , I discussed ways to reach out to an NRI audience. Last night I came across the website which uses Pixel Marketing to reach out to Non Resident Indians.This website has been started by Pallav, an Indian who emigrated to the US in 1993. He has divided his front page into 10000 Blocks which he is selling ad space to various companies that cater to the niche target segment of Non resident Indians. Each block is 10x10 pixels making a total of 1,000,000 pixels. You can purchase these blocks and place your own image/logo in them with a link to your site. Once a block has been ordered ($0.10 /pixel >> 1 block = 10pixels x 10 pixels = 100 pixels = $10 ), You provide your ad, a link and a tag line. Users will see a tag line if they mouse over your square.

His current clients include - Indian Teen Patti & Poker Web Site - Online Movie Rental - Free Trial - Indian Dating, Friendship and Social Networking Site

You must be wondering on how this works and why would users advertise on this website. The website has a Google page rank of 2 ( which is pretty good) which means that Google rates the website as 2 in a scale of 1 to 5. If users look for specific key words on the Google search relating to NRI this site ranks up in the top few . For example if I search on Google with key wards "NRI Marketing" this website comes up first.

Below is the example of what it would cost to own space on this website

  • 1 block = 100 Pixels = $10.00 =
  • 4 blocks = 400 Pixels = $40.00 = OR
  • 6 blocks = 600 Pixels = $60.00 OR
More about pixel marketing can be read by clicking here

If you are an upcoming website and your target audience is Non Resident Indians then you must consider buying some space on this website.

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