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Marketing to the Non Resident Indian

The Asian-Indian population has emigrated tremendously from India over the past decade and a half all over the world. Indians have immigrated to the USA, Middle East , UK and parts of Europe. It is safe to assume that all these Indians follow common lifestyles wherever they are and form a niche demographic segment. A number of companies are looking to target this segment with their products and services but there is no comprehensive database available to reach out to these million potential customers.

How does a marketing company reach out to this lucrative demographic segment?

Understanding the NRI
The first step for any company interested in marketing to these customers must take steps to understand their customer i.e demographics, lifestyle, age groups, median income etc. Most of these immigrants of the last decade ( Ages 25-40) are savvy internet users and will be found online.

JuxtConsult is a New Delhi based Research and Advisory consulting company that sells a comprehensive syndicated report called the NRI Online 2006.The snapshot of the report is sold for 2,247 INR / 60 USD. The full report is sold at a price of 168,540 INR / 4,500 USD.The report is made from a sample survey of 1000 NRI’s from different parts of the world. Their findings highlight their profiles as well as their preferred online and offline ways and means to stay connected with India. Click here to go to the Report Main Page.

The report would provide insight to
  • Who are they (Location, Gender, Age, Occupation, etc.).
  • Physical Connectivity with India (Frequency of travel to India, visit indiv idually or with family, reason for travel, etc.)
  • Technological connectivity with India (Preferred medium for information and communication)Informational connectivity (Frequency of usage of communication channels,) .
  • Financial/Economic Connectivity ( Assets ,investments and remittance aspects) Their Net Usage behavior, Website preferences and Media preferences in staying connected to India on a regular basis.
Although a sample of 1000 is very small it does provide some benefit in buying this report as you can further segment this demographic on the basis of lifestyle attributes. At this time, I could not find any other report that could provide this information.

Purchasing the Contact Information

Depending on the nature of the business, one may need to do email marketing, postal marketing or telemarketing. EbusinessIndya is a Hyderabad firm from India that sells databases of consumers, companies from all over the world. I observed that they had databases varying from African Businesses to databases in European Metallurgy Industries.

The complete list of its databases can be found after clicking the link Complete List of Databases .

The company claims that their data is current and the database contains 170,000 Non Resident Indians contact information. This database has been prepared from NRIs living in 35 different countries. The database is cheap and can be purchased for a price of a $100 or 4499 rupees. All data has the name, address, email ids , foreign addresses and Telephone numbers

Online Advertising

As mentioned earlier in the article most of these Indians

can be found on the Internet. A number of websites that are frequently visited by NRIs list the demographic profiles of their customers, media kit information on their websites. I have provided some details and links below.

1) Sify

The Sify portal claims that they get 1.5 million unique users broadly spread across the United States, South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East.Its networks include NRI Channels ,Samachar,Return2India and Bawarchi.

Sify Links

2) Sulekha

has emerged as one of the most successful online advertising media to reach Asian Indians, particularly those living in US. This website is frequently visited by Indians to post and view classified information , get news updates and are now even blogging.

Sulekha Links

3) Rediff is an online portal with news,blogs,classifieds ,shopping and an email website frequently visited by NRI's . To advertise here you would need to fill up the online form here

4) TimesofIndia is India's largest news paper with a big online presence. They offer an epaper that is a scanned copy of the daily newspaper that is distributed in Indian metros like Delhi, Mumbai etc. They also circulate the Economic Times for business news and the stock market. The online sites are comprehensive and largely cater to the NRI customers around the world.

Times of India Links

5) Cricket is the favourite sport among Indians and Cricinfo is the gateway to cricket news from around the world. In my opinion this is a great site to reach out to all types of NRI Men as cricket is largely followed by men.I did not find an official advertise page with them but you can click here and fill the form after choosing the "Advertise" option from the drop down.

There are a large number of websites that Indians frequently visit all of which cannot be possibly listed. I have attempted to list the most common websites that are visited by Indians for cricket, news and classifieds.

Print Media Advertising

A number of Indians emigrated before the dot com era of the 1990s. If your business model requires you to reach out to this sub segment then you must consider the following print media options

1) Indian Express is one of the largest Indian Newspapers in India. They also print and circulate this newspaper in the USA.

Indian Express Links

  • Readers Survey
  • Circulation details
  • Rate card
2) Silicon India magazines "SiliconIndia" in US and "SmartTechie" in India circulate to over 100,000 subscribers monthly.The website does not display a rate card, circulation or demographic information. However all questions can be emailed to

A number of other magazines like India Today, Business Week can also be used for advertising means to reach the Non Resident Indian.


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I came across this post on Google blog search.

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We would infact repeat it again in 2008 with certain improvements and focuse on detailed reports for various verticals, e.g., telecom & BFSI specific indepth reports.

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Yes. It is a great study and I have used it when I was doing Market research on NRIs during my MBA curriculum. I am also glad to know that you guys are coming up with in depth reports. These will definitely assist Market researchers to understand the NRI Customer

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Thanks for your valuded info on NRIs. I got the NRI Databases from people. Excellent Database they have. Database contain name, address, telephone number, email id with country-wise classification.

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Check out this site which connects all NRI's worldwide.

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